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How to Set up a School 3D Printing Program

August 1, 2022 at 11:54 AM / by TJ Russell - Director of 3D Printing

Are you an educator who wants to start a 3D printing program at your school, but you don’t know where to begin?

Education and technology go hand in hand. A 3D printing program offers countless teaching opportunities and can enhance learning in a range of subjects such as: math, engineering, science, art, and technology. Students and teachers alike are expressing growing interests in 3D printing, but budget restraints and the complex appearance of 3D printers can deter educators from starting their own program. Fortunately, with the right printer, support, and training creating a successful 3D printing program at your school is easier and more affordable than ever before.

How is 3D Printing Used in Education?

A school 3D printing program teaches students about 3D printing, technology, and applications in real-world scenarios. Having a 3D printing program at your school can teach students applicable skills and prepare them for the future. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, the need for individuals with a passion and knowledge for 3D printing technology will grow as well. Engineering, architecture, medicine, product design, electronics and special effects for TV and movies are just a few examples of career paths where students can take their 3D printing knowledge they learned in the classroom and turn it into a future career.

3 Key Steps to Setting Up Your School’s 3D Printing Program

  1. Assemble a Team of Educators Enthusiastic About 3D Printing Technology

Teachers will be the key to success to your 3D printing program. Finding educators at your school that see the value in students’ access to technology is very important. Educators can include 3D printing into their curriculums on all school levels from elementary through high school. They will be able to print learning aids for a deeper understanding of important concepts and improve student’s creativity and problem-solving skills. These educators will need specialized training and support to run a successful 3D printing program.

  1. Choose a Beginner-Friendly 3D Printer

You will need an easy-to-use 3D printer that can handle the demands of a busy classroom. Quality, ease of use and safety are all important factors you should consider when selecting a 3D printer for your school. There are many beginner-friendly 3D printer options on the market that are perfect for students. Many of these printers can be delivered to your school with no set up required. Ultimaker and HP offer several 3D printers that are a top choice for beginners and 3D professionals alike.

  1. Start Small and Build Your 3D Printing Program

When creating a 3D printing program, it’s important to start small and allow your program to grow. This will enable you to adjust along the way with little impact on your program. It can also be beneficial to document your progress through photo, video, and testimonials. Sharing this content of your program can create interest amongst teachers and students who have not yet joined your 3D printing program.

ImageNet Consulting’s Education Packages

ImageNet Consulting makes setting up a 3D printing program at your school easier and more affordable with special bundles for educators. ImageNet helps you bring 3D printing technology to the classroom with top brands like HP and Ultimaker. ImageNet’s education packages are built to match your school’s budgetary needs and can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can get everything you’ll need to build a successful school 3D printing program for as low as $215 a month. When you purchase a 3D printer package from ImageNet, your educators will receive yearly training, repairs and unlimited email, phone, and onsite support.


Setting up a 3D printing program at your school can inspire students and create valuable lifelong skills as well as provide countless teaching opportunities for educators. Creating a 3D printing program can appear complex and costly but today setting up your program is easier and more affordable than ever. Special pricing bundles, service, and training are available to help make your aspirations to have a 3D printing program at your school a reality.

Create a 3D Printing Program at Your School Today

If you’d like to create an 3D printing program at your school, lean on ImageNet Consulting. We can help create a quality program and supply the materials and training to execute it. Contact us today and let’s talk about your school’s requirements.


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Written by TJ Russell - Director of 3D Printing

TJ Russell is the Director of 3D Printing at ImageNet Consulting. He began his career at ImageNet working in Marketing and transitioned over to leasing to gain a better understanding of the business. After spending 2 years researching 3D printing and strategizing how ImageNet could move into the 3D print space, the company decided to open the 3D printing department. Once the opportunity opened, the company felt TJ's background in design, high interest in the technology, his research in 3D, and motivation to build a successful program would fit well in jump-starting the 3D Printing division. TJ has now successfully built the 3D team from the ground up, hiring and training our 3D consultants, while simultaneously securing partner contacts with top 3D companies, such as HP, Ultimaker, and Markforged!

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