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6 Ways Managed Services Creates Resiliency in Your Business

March 25, 2020 at 10:06 AM / by Laina Davidson, Digital Marketing Specialist

Managed Services are helping businesses pivot to a highly distributed and digitally-enabled world. Changing operations and adopting new technologies requires insightful leadership and strategic partners to help guide the way and provide the right tools for the job. Managed Services offer a lift to businesses shoring up procedures and navigating the new ways businesses will operate in the coming months.

The Managed Services industry has grown by at least 11 percent every year since 2017. From startups and small businesses to multinational corporations, most companies now partner with managed services to streamline their operations, reduce operating expenses, and boost business.

Unlike other business services, managed service providers often function less like a traditional service and more like a strategic partnership. It’s this unique dynamic that empowers managed services to help propel their clients to higher levels of achievement and success. Here’s precisely what that means, and why partnering with a managed service provider is such a smart move in 2020.

Six Ways Managed Services Builds Resiliency in Your Business

A managed service provider (MSP) is a business services company that takes over part or all of an intrinsic office process. In other words; it’s the outsourcing of certain parts of a business like IT security, printing, or document management. Instead of investing in the hardware, software, and expertise necessary to create a robust cybersecurity strategy or printing environment, an MSP provides a custom-built package that helps businesses adapt and thrive. 

1.Promote Productivity

In the 21st century, most companies rely on digital devices and solutions to do business. However, these tools are often sophisticated and may involve learning curves that companies don’t have the time to master, especially when businesses are forced to pivot or change processes quickly. As a result, problems that hamper productivity are common. Productivity issues MSPs solve:

● Poorly configured devices or software

● Unsuitable devices – hardware that is too powerful or not powerful enough

● Inefficient locations in the physical office

● An overwhelmed IT team managing the technology and security needs of a new remote workforce

● A document management platform that cannot support a hybrid or remote workforce

An effective Managed Services partner matches businesses with the tools and expertise they need to accomplish their business goals. Therefore, while they’re offering a specific service, the benefits they bring to their clients extend far beyond the immediate services – much like with other strategic business partnerships.

2. Reduce Overhead

One of the most visible benefits that an MSP delivers is a reduction of operating expenses across the board for a company. With outsourced infrastructure, a business no longer needs to worry about securing the right supplies, licenses, skill, or specific solutions – the managed service provider takes care of all of that. The result? Hidden expenses vanish, and companies pay an expected amount each month.

3. Develop Company Culture

In contrast to the cost savings, a lesser-known advantage of partnering with an MSP is the opportunity to develop company culture.

Because managed services involve outsourcing parts of business intimately involved with its operations, a provider often influences the very processes that a company uses to function. Exactly how depends on the culture of the provider itself.

For example, a process-oriented, customer-focused provider will recommend solutions that align with this philosophy. It’s essential to choose a managed service provider as if selecting a business partner. To find a managed provider for a successful partnership, look for:

● Alignment of core values between the provider and the company

● An emphasis on long-term shared purpose

● Complementary strengths and skills

● Proactive communication

● Strategic planning that considers the company’s existing processes and culture

4. Access to Expertise

Today’s business environment is full of unprecedented change. Businesses from startups to long-standing enterprises are looking for ways to adapt their operations. However, budgets or knowledge may preclude a small business’ ability to acquire the tools and expertise that they need on their own. They might not even know what it is they need – let alone how to get it.

A managed service provider offers businesses of any size access to subject matter experts and technology help ease the pains of quickly adapting during this critical stage. 

5. Deliver Innovative Solutions

Partnering with a managed service provider can introduce a company to new, innovative solutions for problems they might not have considered. That’s because savvy managed service providers understand the value of partnerships in business.

For example, ImageNet Consulting partners and affiliates with numerous companies to access technology and expertise beyond its immediate offerings. Companies that partner with ImageNet enjoy the benefits of these affiliations through enhanced solutions.

6. Create Resiliency

A resilient business is an adaptable business. Building efficient, streamlined processes capable of adaptability within a business creates a stronger foundation throughout the company as a whole. Leaning on strategic partnerships and managed services, especially in times of unpredictable challenges, helps businesses survive and thrive. Because MSPs operate outside of your business, they offer a diverse perspective on problems your business may face and diverse solutions.

Partner with ImageNet for Impactful Managed Services

Managed services are a valuable addition to any office. Their ability to act as strategic business partners means that companies experience a range of benefits that exceed the immediate offerings of a provider. With a managed service provider, a business can access the tools, resources, and solutions it needs in a way that improves its long-term prosperity.

ImageNet partners with companies across a variety of industries to promote operational efficiency and adapt to unprecedented change. Start a conversation now about what a strategic partnership with ImageNet can do for your business.

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Written by Laina Davidson, Digital Marketing Specialist

Laina Davidson is ImageNet Consulting's Digital Marketing Specialist.

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