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Digital Displays in Retail Advertising

November 20, 2018 at 9:20 AM / by Jay Jershin - Digital Signage Sales Manager

Everywhere you go, there are more and more video displays showing up on the walls of retailers and restaurants.  For the most part, they are TV’s with cable stations blaring the same shows we all watch at home.  What if these displays could convert some of the programming to local advertising rather than the commercials purchased by advertisers on cable networks?

If these locations were adapted slightly by enlarging the display and creating local networks with messaging aimed at their customer, imagine the additional revenue that could be generated?  Why waste this valuable advertising opportunity and give it up completely to national TV networks?

Retailers understand that people want TV programming while they wait on their car to be fixed or enjoy a night out at a restaurant or bar.   But, it doesn’t have to stop there.  By adding the right type of display and the right content provider, the display can advertise your products as well as the TV content.  Displays can be broken into multiple pieces.  The majority of the display can still be dedicated to TV programming, while smaller parts can be sending messaging to promote sales or specials.  It can also provide information that is relevant to the business rather than just another national advertisement.

The big question is, “how can this content be created and then managed without spending a fortune on content designers and display managers?”  Thanks to the cloud based software and smart displays, this is no longer a barrier to entry by even the smallest of businesses.  You can decide if you want to outsource some or all of the content design and management of the display.  This can now be accomplished at minimal cost.  There are several offerings available that allow you to have some or none of this burden while providing critical messaging without the cost being prohibitive.

Don’t waste a captured market without getting your message out!  Take the time to see how Digital Displays can be more than just a TV.

Digital Displays & Internal Business Messaging

Have you ever considered getting your message out to your staff on a digital display?  Until recently, having your own business TV network was cost prohibitive.  Thanks to cloud based software and smart Displays, this is now within reach of the smallest of businesses.

Can you think of areas of your company where getting your message so that everyone can see it would be a great benefit?  How about creating birthday announcements, calendar updates or employee of the month.  In the past, these were manual processes that took an incredible amount of time and effort to manage.  Now you can get this message out loud and clear with minimal amount of time expended.

Other ideas to drive productivity and excitement with the use of Digital Displays is the stack ranking of sales staff as well as productivity of customer service staff.  Contests can be announced as well as winners being blasted throughout an organization on large Digital Displays.  This drives employee productivity and pride.  Depending on the size and scope of a business, displays can have multiple channels so that one part of an organization can have one message while another area can be shown something completely different.

This is just a tiny fraction of the opportunity to send your staff the recognition they deserve as well as critical information that they need.  This information doesn’t get lost as an email and gives your staff the recognition they deserve.  It can also be rotated for days and weeks if needed.

Typically, the creation of this content and the management of this information on Digital Displays has been cost prohibitive.  It required technical expertise and an internal graphic artist.  With the creation of cloud based services, this is no longer is required.  A simple request to an outsourced provider specializing in content creation and design as well as display management is all that is needed to make these low-cost displays build employee morale. 

Digital Displays & Office Design

Digital Displays can speak louder than words.  When incorporating Digital Displays into your office design, you can create a powerful experience for your staff and clients. Displays are becoming mainstream in the retail environment, but they are just beginning to be added to the traditional office.



There are so many creative ways to add excitement to your office utilizing Digital Displays.  They can tell the history of your business as well as create a vision for the future.  The addition of displays can change a boring environment into an exciting place to work and visit. The design possibilities are endless.  


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Written by Jay Jershin - Digital Signage Sales Manager

Jay joined ImageNet in 2018 as a solution sales generalist, but has a long history in the A/V and digital signage industry, as well as the workforce optimization industry for contact centers. Specific to his new role, Jay brings tremendous industry knowledge and experience from his dozen years in the digital signage and A/V integration industry. Jay has numerous roles, including product sales, project management, vendor management, employee and customer education, and engineer. He spent more than a decade at RMG Networks (a.k.a. Symon Communications), a leading digital signage company with a focus on the call/contact center industry, as well as the nationwide A/V integrator, AVI-SPL, as a senior sales rep. A self-starting, highly-motivated individual, Jay is passionate about the products, services, and solutions ImageNet delivers. He strives to build trust and long lasting relationships with clients and partners alike. Jay lives in Allen, TX with his wife of 21 years, Alison, his daughter, Lauren, and son, Jacob. Jay enjoys a number of hobbies, including travel, spending time with family, and following the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Texas Longhorns, and Allen Americans.

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