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How to Make Color Printing Affordable for Your Business

March 19, 2019 at 9:15 AM / by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Color printing is on the frontline of customer interaction. Printed material is often a potential customer’s first impression of a company. Even outside of first impressions, a business's brand impression is still heavily affected by the materials they released. This carries profound implications on the importance of quality color printing.

Why Color Printing Is Important

Savvy managers see that color printing is about more than color itself – it’s about marketing psychology. Simple things like the quality and content of an 8.5x11-inch brochure can pull customers in and hook them. Color is one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Color draws attention, which is a boon to marketing. Marketing teams use color to make things pop. They also use color to tone things down and appear more subtle. It all depends on the marketing strategy, and, vice versa, the marketing strategy always depends in some part on the use of color. It also defines the clarity of documents and the message they convey.

Marketing Strategy and the Psychology of Color

One example of this can be found in any grocery store, where bags of chips are sold in brightly colored packaging. This splash of vibrant color is no accident. Businesses have found certain bright colors, such as yellow, are associated with happiness and positivity, while red is associated with excitement or urgency. The marketing psychology behind color has grown quite sophisticated and it is important to consider in compiling the color printing needs of a business.

The color Mocha is perceived more positively than brown, even when the two colors are exactly the same shade. By dressing up the word, "brown" becomes more desirable when presented as "mocha". This kind of thought has an impact on color printing, and from a marketing perspective, elevates it in value. A clever marketing team can use this psychology to their advantage to attract more customers & increase sales.

Businesses Can Save Money on Color Printing

Firms that understand the importance of quality color printing want to be competitive – and to be competitive, they have to manage costs. Color printing can be outrageously expensive, making it essential for businesses to take advantage of the innovations in color printing that make it more affordable.

Innovations in color printing can save big money. Clever managers know how to find quality color printing on the cheap. Cheap color printing doesn’t have to mean low quality. Smart thinking businesses are getting more for less and enjoying healthier bottom lines.

Choose the Right Printer

One of the easiest ways to start saving money from the beginning is to choose the right printer. Here is the rule of thumb to go by when buying office printers – the cheaper the printer is, the more expensive the ink cartridges tend to be. This means that the savings from the initial sticker price don’t go very far as they will get eaten up by the price of ink cartridges.

Compare printers by dividing the page yield by the cost of the ink cartridges they use. By calculating the cost of ink, printers can be better evaluated. HP arguably produces some of the best office printers for the value.

Print with the HP Page Wide Series

Respected for quality and economy, the HP Page Wide Managed Color Flow MFP E77660z+ is a particularly productive model. This printer has excellent page yield for the cost of ink, making quality color printing more affordable. Additionally, this model saves money as one of the most energy efficient printers on the market. It also touts impressive security features, and is one of the most low maintenance printers available.

Other printers in the HP Page Wide series offer many of the same advantages. They reduce office printing costs tremendously and the smart features make them almost take care of themselves. Low maintenance, low cost, and high quality – that’s as good as it gets.

ImageNet Consulting Offers Serious Color Printing Solutions

Marketing departments rely on high quality color printing for their materials. In this competitive market, for many businesses, high quality color printing is a must have. Even businesses that don't require publish-quality color printing, quality is still essential to appear professional in the global market. Color printing is a must-have in most businesses today and selecting the right printer can make or break the print process.

Be responsible and talk to ImageNet about their printing options, which include HP's A3 printers and the Page Wide Copiers (E776 Series).

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Written by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Matt is responsible for ImageNet’s Managed Print Services strategy, strategic sales support, and hardware and software partner relationships. He is a technology and business visionary with a reputation for developing and implementing corporate-wide technology and rightsizing strategies while controlling costs and minimizing risk. Matt supports ImageNet’s strategy and pre-sales technical support relating to Managed Print Solutions, which is designed to improve ImageNet clients’ productivity, manageability, workflow, and security all while reducing costs and mitigating risk. He currently recruits, develops, motivates and retains a team of IT system engineers, project managers, enterprise sales individuals and business process analysts at ImageNet. Matt is originally from Fort Worth, TX and currently lives in Fairview, TX with his wife and two daughters. Matt’s family lives an active and adventure-filled life, with frequent mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and ice hockey excursions. Prior to joining ImageNet in 2009, Matt spent more than nine years working in HP’s printing business.

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