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HP Solutions Help Deliver Quality Care for Patients

October 1, 2019 at 9:15 AM / by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

The healthcare industry is facing more challenges lately with rising costs, new legislation, and competition as patients are gaining more options and expecting more from their doctors. Like schools, hospitals have been perpetually struggling to keep up with technology as it continues to bring in products that enable superior patient care. HP creates solutions to fit the changing needs of healthcare facilities to dramatically improve patient care.

What to Look for in Printers and Copiers for Healthcare

When it comes to printing and copying patient documents, hospitals have unique needs requiring unique solutions. In healthcare centers, not just any printer or copy machine will do. The equipment used in these facilities must be able to deliver on several key points, including compliance with HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

  • Cleanliness and Easy Sanitization – Printers and copiers in hospitals must be easy to clean. HP printers and copy machines are designed to be easily sanitized, making them perfect for hospitals.
  • Security & Compliance Support – HP printers are equipped with advanced compliance capabilities that make it easy for hospitals to stay in line with HIPAA guidelines.
  • Cost Savings – In recent years, hospitals have been losing money, making cost reduction a top priority. With HP, facilities get the best for less and can enjoy top-performing printers without passing on exorbitant costs to patients.

These are all factors in printing, especially for the healthcare industry, and HP delivers on every single one, making it one of the most revered brands in healthcare. 

How HP Printers Help Hospitals Deliver Better Care

HP stands out from other brands when it comes to printing products for hospital use. Below are several compelling advantages of using HP print devices in healthcare. 

Reduced Cost Per Print

Printing costs are a significant expense for hospitals and other organizations. HP printers can cut that cost dramatically, making hospital budgets healthier and allowing for more investment in patient care.

The Power of Cloud Printing

With HP printers, healthcare professionals can print directly from Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The ability to print from cloud services like these is an essential step in keeping up with technology.

Exceptional Print Speeds

One of the most visible benefits of HP printers is their breathtakingly fast print speeds. Hospitals crank out an unfathomable number of documents every hour, making speed a critical factor.

Mobile Printing

HP also supports mobile printing, enabling medical personnel to quickly start and manage print jobs from their mobile devices. Mobile printing is an essential feature to have for professionals on the go. 

Premium Print Quality

In addition to all the other advantages, users also benefit from the HP name – which is well-known for its superior quality.

Hospitals need to get the best to justify the expense of buying new printers and copy machines. HP builds machines that will endure the intensive printing volumes required. 

The Advantages of Document Management Services for Healthcare

The HITECH Act of 2009 spurred many hospitals to switch from keeping paper-based health records to electronic health records (EHR). Switching over from paper-based records to electronic can be a hassle for any organizations, but especailly healthcare, with filing cabinets full of patient data, drug information, billing, and all manner of medical resources. With the help of document management services, switching to EHR is a breeze.

Data Capture

Data Capture improves access to patient records and can safely transfer those records to and from each healthcare department.

HIPAA Compliance

Keeping up with the constant changes in HIPAA compliance regulation can be challenging too. By controlling who can see, copy, print, scan, or send reports, requests, charts, and other patient information guarantees sensitive data is kept safe. However, once the information is in the computer system, the safety of it can become compromised. Document management services can ensure all the private, personal patient information stays safe, no matter where it’s kept.

Efficient Operation

With the plethora of documents that are produced in healthcare each year, it's hard to manage all of it manually. Document management systems can provide a more secure way to store and retrieve documents and data. Along with storage, data management automates the workflow of documents and makes sure the documents are routed to the correct employees, helping employees focus on quality patient care instead of wondering if they’re missing important documents.

HP’s Workflow Composer includes an option for custom buttons that can perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately. Customized workflow buttons are one-touch and can be operated by one or multiple staff members.

Mobile Operation

Mobile printing is now easier to access with the overwhelming adoption of smartphones by… well, everyone. Printing from a mobile device in healthcare can make things faster and more straightforward when all the information is right at your fingertips. Documents printed from mobile devices are just as secure as if they were coming from a laptop or desktop. Information can also be transferred and received on these devices.

Improve Patient Care with HP Products from ImageNet

ImageNet is the smart choice for healthcare IT solutions, including HP products and document management services. Hospitals can’t fall behind, and patients deserve the best possible care. ImageNet understands the unique needs of the healthcare industry and can bring the best HP products to hospitals at a price that can’t be beaten. Give patients the care they deserve with HP printers and document management services from ImageNet.

Take healthcare print management to the next level by getting in touch with ImageNet today!

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Written by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Matt is responsible for ImageNet’s Managed Print Services strategy, strategic sales support, and hardware and software partner relationships. He is a technology and business visionary with a reputation for developing and implementing corporate-wide technology and rightsizing strategies while controlling costs and minimizing risk. Matt supports ImageNet’s strategy and pre-sales technical support relating to Managed Print Solutions, which is designed to improve ImageNet clients’ productivity, manageability, workflow, and security all while reducing costs and mitigating risk. He currently recruits, develops, motivates and retains a team of IT system engineers, project managers, enterprise sales individuals and business process analysts at ImageNet. Matt is originally from Fort Worth, TX and currently lives in Fairview, TX with his wife and two daughters. Matt’s family lives an active and adventure-filled life, with frequent mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and ice hockey excursions. Prior to joining ImageNet in 2009, Matt spent more than nine years working in HP’s printing business.

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