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March Madness Doesn't have to be a Daily Occurrence

March 21, 2019 at 11:11 AM / by Kerwin Everson, VP Visual Productivity Solutions

What an exciting time of year this is, right? All the hype around your favorite team – #1 Seeds or Cinderella Teams. How will your team or player perform, and will your team live up to all the pre-season hype? Well, finally March Madness is here, but… what if the latest headline today read as follows:

"New Experiment for March Madness 2019 - No Scoreboards this Year"

That’s right, we will be required to watch all the games not knowing who is winning or who is losing. How much time is left, how many timeouts are left, who is in foul trouble, etc. A bit startling, huh? Well, this goes on every single day in most enterprise supply chains. Oh sure, you as the Supply Chain Executive, the “Head Coach” and/or “General Manager” may have a view into how it’s going. But even then, it may not be a real time update.

In fact, in lots of supply chains today – the score is learned the next day. You gather the team at the daily “start-of-shift” meeting and say “team, we came close yesterday – we reached 98% of our goal. All trucks but two left on time. We had 1 accident and 2 quality issues – now go get ‘em. We will let you know tomorrow how you do today.” Ouch!

Of course, as we all know, in March Madness it's “one and done” with no second chances. Exactly the way it is with many of your largest customers. Today, one of the concepts most important in “Lean Practices” is the idea of “at-a-glance” – you need to know quickly in one look at a scoreboard… are we winning or losing? This obviously requires important, real-time updates of your key performance indicators (KPIs). Your typical on-the-floor employees have no indication of how they are performing against goals, or how the entire team is performing because they typically work without scoreboards – right?

ImageNet Consulting’s Visual Productivity Solutions (VPS) allow you to put the data where the real-time decisions are made - at the "execution" level or “on the floor” - viewable on large scoreboards or flat panel monitors for everyone to see. With ImageNet’s solution, you’ll have real-time data to keep employees informed up-to-the-minute on your current supply chain status, allowing for top “game time” performance. Of course, managing your supply chain is no game, so why not provide all the best technology available to your team members?

For more information, contact ImageNet Consulting Displays Division at displays@imagenet.com or request a custom demo at https://www.imagenetconsulting.com/contact/

Topics: Digital Displays

Written by Kerwin Everson, VP Visual Productivity Solutions

Kerwin Everson is the Vice President of Visual Productivity Solutions for ImageNet. He is new to ImageNet but has been in the digital signage industry for many years, and was with RMG Networks for 16 years. Kerwin began his career with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, and has held various positions in Product Management, Product Marketing, and Sales with large corporations, such as BellSouth Telecommunications, which is now AT&T. In his current role, he primarily assists ImageNet clients and Client Account Teams with solutions to help customers solve problems and improve supply chain productivity. He works to provide Visual Productivity Solutions that assist the customer in managing their day-to-day business in a more productive and customer-friendly way. The result is real-time visibility provided on large LCD or LED scoreboards. He enjoys discussing how he has helped large clients like Eastman Chemical, GE Aviation, Carrier Corporation, Coca Cola, Lowes, GAP, Inc. and so many more.

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