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Retaining Your Top Talent

October 3, 2019 at 10:00 AM / by Kerwin Everson, VP Visual Productivity Solutions

I live near Nashville, Tennessee, which is quickly becoming one of the most desired destinations in the southeast to visit, live, and work in. Nashville is always gaining headway as a top location choice for corporate headquarters and large regional office locations for many companies. In the last several years, Nissan North America, Mitsubishi, Dell, Amazon, Pilot Corp and many others made the move to Nashville. Much of the influx came after Nashville became home to the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators. Nashville is even getting a Major League Soccer team in 2020!

A recent article in the Recruiter mentions that the job market in Nashville is very hot, and that these companies and others have already announced more than 8,000 new jobs. In fact, Amazon just announced a job fair in Nashville to fill 30,000 jobs nationwide.

As laid out in an article in the Recruiter, there are three important questions executives, recruiters, and HR personnel face when considering their appeal to current employees and potential job applicants: what attracts people to a location and a job, why do people stay, and why do people leave? While some of the points are obvious, others may surprise you when you consider proactive measures you should take to retain your best employees, and attract new, talented employees. Mishires can cost companies four to eight times the employee’s salary to replace when adding up the cost of job ads, recruiting, interviewing, and training time. On the other hand, hiring talented individuals who fit your company’s culture and share in your goals offers a huge return on investment.

Attracting Top Talent

Employees are attracted to people and companies that do meaningful work that resonates with their personal mission. Is your company passionate about what you do? Is that passion clearly stated on your website, on your marketing materials, within your job application, and reinforced within the walls of your office? Communicating your company goals and the reason your company exists is key to finding employees who will find working for your company meaningful and fulfilling. Only 33 percent of new employees are considered fully engaged in new roles. So, even after receiving all your company swag, incredible welcome email, and welcome party, only one third of your new hires are engaged. So, it stands to reason that hiring talent is only one-third of the battle.

Retaining Your Top Employees

There is a difference between being “stuck” in a job and remaining at job you enjoy. Employees choose to stay when they know they are contributing to and sharing in your organization’s success and are acknowledged for their efforts. Employees want communication on how they are impacting the company’s bottom line, along with the supporting data and key performance indicators (KPIs) that prove their contributions are making a difference. Without feedback, employees may remain “stuck” or complacent instead of engaged.

Why Employees Are Leaving

It is not always higher salaries and better benefits that cause employees to leave. Oftentimes, employees feel underappreciated or that they are not contributing in a meaningful way. The culture that creates an environment like this starts at the top - and the key is communication. The buzz word these days is employee engagement – not employee satisfaction or happiness, but real engagement. Executive communication is a goal (and a struggle) for professionals in internal communications. The better the top-down communication is, the more engaged employees are. This engagement in turn impacts the company’s bottom line (productivity, retention, and more).

Communicate & Engage with Employees Using Digital Displays

At ImageNet Consulting, we help impact your company’s bottom line through technology solutions. We have helped many of our clients do this more effectively using our Digital Signage or Visual Productivity Solutions to communicate goals and objectives, as well as results. If communication and employee engagement is a hurdle you’re trying to overcome, it’s time to explore simple tools like digital displays. Highlight employee accomplishments and company milestones utilizing digital signage throughout your campus and satellite offices. Celebrate your employees’ contributions to the company’s success and build on the idea of teamwork.

Contact us today to learn about the impact display technology can have on your internal communication and discover the incredible company culture you’ve been looking for!

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Written by Kerwin Everson, VP Visual Productivity Solutions

Kerwin Everson is the Vice President of Visual Productivity Solutions for ImageNet. He is new to ImageNet but has been in the digital signage industry for many years, and was with RMG Networks for 16 years. Kerwin began his career with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, and has held various positions in Product Management, Product Marketing, and Sales with large corporations, such as BellSouth Telecommunications, which is now AT&T. In his current role, he primarily assists ImageNet clients and Client Account Teams with solutions to help customers solve problems and improve supply chain productivity. He works to provide Visual Productivity Solutions that assist the customer in managing their day-to-day business in a more productive and customer-friendly way. The result is real-time visibility provided on large LCD or LED scoreboards. He enjoys discussing how he has helped large clients like Eastman Chemical, GE Aviation, Carrier Corporation, Coca Cola, Lowes, GAP, Inc. and so many more.

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