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Secure Your Print Environment with HP Solutions

July 30, 2019 at 9:15 AM / by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Security should be a primary concern for every business, especially businesses that rely heavily on technology. However, many managers don’t think about how secure their print environment is until it’s too late. Here’s what businesses need to know about why managed print services combined with HP hardware and software is the right choice for securing print environments.

Why It’s Important to Have a Secure Print Environment

With companies pinching pennies in today’s competitive market, sometimes security concerns fall by the wayside. Despite these challenges, businesses can’t afford to be without proper protection when it comes to their print environments.

More than 50% of businesses both in Europe and the United States have reported that they’ve suffered data loss attributed to security flaws in their printers. To put it in perspective, consider this; cybercrime is projected to cost businesses up to $6 trillion by the year 2021. 

Some industries experience more of these attacks on average than others; below are the most affected areas.

  • Tech – The large revenue streams and massive quantities of customer data in the tech industry make it a high-ranking target.
  • Government – Not only are government printers hacked for profit, but also for geopolitical gain.
  • Retail - Like the tech industry, the high volume of money flowing through retail businesses attracts hackers.

These industries are heavily targeted by hackers, meaning it’s especially crucial for organizations in these sectors to invest in print security.

The Danger of Not Knowing About a Breach

When an office printer is hacked, it’s not always obvious. Many companies don’t catch on to the fact they’ve been hacked until it’s far too late. When it comes to compromised printers, ignorance is not bliss. The potential losses continue to multiply every day the threat goes undetected.

Think about how much sensitive information passes through an office printer every day; contracts, designs, proposals, formulas, and mountains of personal information. All of this makes office printers prime targets for hackers who can sell the information to the highest bidder.

HP, Secure By Design

With so much at stake in terms of both money and data, printers that feature more robust security capabilities are in high demand.

Of all the brands in printing, HP is arguably the most security-centric. Their dedication to print security makes HP printers arguably the best choice for businesses looking to keep sensitive information secure.

HP has been building a name for print security, and the recognition they’ve accumulated is well-deserved. Complete with powerful anti-malware software, HP printers can detect and prevent countless cyber-threats. They also sport encrypted printing, scanning, and hard disks

The Secure Print Self-Assessment

Firms of all sizes should take HP’s secure print self-assessment. The assessment shows managers and decisions makers both the strong and weak points in their print environment, allowing them to make the appropriate improvements and upgrade to more secure & efficient HP equipment.

Establishing, Implementing, and Ensuring Print Security Measures with Managed Print Services

Utilizing technology that comes built for security and efficiency plays a crucial role in your overall print security. However, secure devices alone are not enough to combat the various security threats businesses face with their print environment.  From document security to secure policy settings across all endpoints, Managed Print Services provides a holistic approach to print security. As your print security consultant, an MPS provider helps to ensure security compliance in each print device, provides an audit trail with solutions like user authentication, and refreshes your secure print policies when new threats arise.

Finding the Right HP Vendor

No one can dispute the secure print power of HP printers, but there is considerable variability in vendor quality. Each HP vendor offers customers a different experience. There are several important factors to consider when shopping for a vendor.

First and foremost, trust is an essential factor. Finding a vendor that can be trusted is paramount, especially when seeking one with which to do business long-term.

Expertise on HP devices and quality customer service are also key.  Your vendor should not only be able to recommend appropriate printers or MFPs for your specific needs, but your customer service representative should also provide your printers and service on-time and assist you in setting up your devices.

Take a Stand Against Cybercrime with MPS & HP Printers From ImageNet Consulting

For companies of any size, HP solutions can reduce the risks of print environments being hacked. The investment in an HP printer is worth every penny in terms of security capabilities as well as the overall efficiency that HP is known for. Paired with ImageNet’s award-winning Managed Print Services, you gain uncompromised, secure print devices, and a partner in managing your print security.

ImageNet was named the 2019 HP Partner of the Year, a prestigious award that distinguishes it from competitors that can’t deliver the same quality of service.  

Cybercrime never sleeps, get in touch with ImageNet and get HP printers with first-in-class print security.

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Written by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Matt is responsible for ImageNet’s Managed Print Services strategy, strategic sales support, and hardware and software partner relationships. He is a technology and business visionary with a reputation for developing and implementing corporate-wide technology and rightsizing strategies while controlling costs and minimizing risk. Matt supports ImageNet’s strategy and pre-sales technical support relating to Managed Print Solutions, which is designed to improve ImageNet clients’ productivity, manageability, workflow, and security all while reducing costs and mitigating risk. He currently recruits, develops, motivates and retains a team of IT system engineers, project managers, enterprise sales individuals and business process analysts at ImageNet. Matt is originally from Fort Worth, TX and currently lives in Fairview, TX with his wife and two daughters. Matt’s family lives an active and adventure-filled life, with frequent mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and ice hockey excursions. Prior to joining ImageNet in 2009, Matt spent more than nine years working in HP’s printing business.

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