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What is Content on Demand and How Does it Work?

November 13, 2018 at 2:00 PM / by Jay Jershin - Digital Signage Sales Manager

Digital signage has reached the “age of collaboration”, with hardware, software, and content suppliers increasingly working hand-in-hand to deliver on-demand solutions to businesses that stand to profit from signage solutions. 

Digital content is already a common sight in retail environments, where the ability to quickly show dynamic content based on user-programmable factors offers clear value. Anything from shopping behaviors to the specific time of day can affect display content – a major upgrade from traditional paper and vinyl signage solutions.

However, executives and marketing professionals are beginning to find that creating enough content to reliably fill their digital signage needs is a greater challenge than initially expected. Making full use of the potential digital signage offers requires out-of-the-box creative thinking that doesn’t always come easy.

Introducing Content on Demand

Digital signage solutions offer a few obvious value-added content potentials. For instance, the first thing a restaurant owner is likely to imagine using a digital display for is broadcasting a dynamic menu to patrons.

But digital content can be so much more. These eye-catching displays offer the perfect chance to curate specific marketing messages for customers and passersby in ways never before possible. General content can give way to highly specific niche content that achieves marketing success through personalization and mass customization.

Additionally, dynamic digital signs owners can leverage their network for immediate response to emergency situations. Doing this requires having a library of emergency alerts ready to display at a moment’s notice.

ImageNet’s Content on Demand solution directly addresses this pain point. It offers executives and marketing professionals access to a cloud-based content management system that simplifies and streamlines the process of curating content. With this platform, managers have unlimited abilities for editing and controlling content with ease.

This software suite allows managers to add and curate content, broadcast emergency alerts, and push content to specific display groups when needed. All of these functionalities are immediately available from the device dashboard. They are easily accessible from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Content Design Made Simple

ImageNet’s Content on Demand service includes access to a content design editor that makes it easy to add, curate, and update digital signage content. Pre-built transitions and animations are easy to implement – simply drag-and-drop elements from our database and combine them with your own images, videos, or custom feeds.

Our software platform allows users to create dynamic content that synthesizes data from a variety of sources. Content managers can include any of the following applications into their content files:

• Live weather reporting

• YouTube feeds

• Dynamic charts with user-generated data

• Stock tickers

• Interactive elements

The ImageNet content design editor makes establishing a playlist easy. Managers can specify which content plays at what time, and set strict conditions for content management at the individual device level.

Content Plus – A Full-Service Digital Signage Solution

In order for executives and marketing professionals to take full advantage of our content platform, they must delegate a content manager to the process of creating and curating content.

Because that isn’t always feasible, ImageNet also provides a full-service content solution called Content Plus.

Content Plus customers can request up to 5 pieces of custom content per month. Our expert graphic designers custom-tailor the content to meet our customers’ business needs and deliver, on-time, fresh content every 30 days.

This allows even small businesses to immediately leverage the benefits of digital signage for marketing purposes without having to go through the costly and time-consuming process of hiring content creators. ImageNet’s creators will deliver the content while our technicians establish the infrastructure necessary to optimize its delivery.

We also offer customers access to pre-made content that can update automatically from our curated channels. For a small monthly stipend, our customers can integrate multiple pre-made content streams and leverage greater use from their on-site digital displays. 

ImageNet curated channels include:

• Local traffic conditions

• Weather maps and graphics

• Sports news

• Financial tickers

• Community calendars

• Entertainment news

• Inspirational quotes

• World photo slideshows, and more

Trust ImageNet With Your Digital Sign Content

When combined with our custom-made content and highly efficiency digital infrastructure, ImageNet’s Content on Demand solution makes deploying digital signage easier than ever before. 

For a fraction of the price of what it could cost to hire a graphic designer and digital display expert, marketing professionals can contract ImageNet’s experts for the job.

The ability to mix and match curated channels alongside up-to-date personalized content offers a compelling value for small businesses, retail stores, and even larger enterprises. Take advantage of the value digital displays offer.

Are you ready to outsource content to a team of highly qualified digital marketers for your signage network? Contact ImageNet to get started today!

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Written by Jay Jershin - Digital Signage Sales Manager

Jay joined ImageNet in 2018 as a solution sales generalist, but has a long history in the A/V and digital signage industry, as well as the workforce optimization industry for contact centers. Specific to his new role, Jay brings tremendous industry knowledge and experience from his dozen years in the digital signage and A/V integration industry. Jay has numerous roles, including product sales, project management, vendor management, employee and customer education, and engineer. He spent more than a decade at RMG Networks (a.k.a. Symon Communications), a leading digital signage company with a focus on the call/contact center industry, as well as the nationwide A/V integrator, AVI-SPL, as a senior sales rep. A self-starting, highly-motivated individual, Jay is passionate about the products, services, and solutions ImageNet delivers. He strives to build trust and long lasting relationships with clients and partners alike. Jay lives in Allen, TX with his wife of 21 years, Alison, his daughter, Lauren, and son, Jacob. Jay enjoys a number of hobbies, including travel, spending time with family, and following the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Texas Longhorns, and Allen Americans.

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