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What is Managed IT Services?

September 22, 2020 at 9:48 AM / by Juan Fernandez - VP of Managed IT Services

And Why is it so Important to Your Business in 2021

Whether you're working from home, back in the office, or a little bit of both, the way we work in 2021 looks a little different from what it did in the past.

The blend between our personal and professional workspaces has shifted the focus of IT and data security efforts. Now, instead of IT strategy solely focusing on business-related technology issues, a blended approach that encompasses both business infrastructure and end-user protection is needed. However, many businesses are realizing that without adding substantially to their in-house IT team, the task at hand may be too much to handle.

What options do businesses have to add IT support without taking on a huge expenditure? Let’s explore Managed IT services and the simple solutions it provides to businesses looking for better, more proactive IT services.

What is Managed IT?

Managed services like Managed IT are a subscription-based model of services to help remove the management and oversight of specific systems (in this case, IT and technology infrastructure) from your internal business teams and onto a professional service provider with expertise in proactively managing that system.

Managed IT offloads the burden of IT from your shoulders. ImageNet’s Managed IT, also known as MIT, is a comprehensive, proactive support model built with industry-best practices of SaaS (Software as a Service) and SECaaS (Security as a Service) and infrastructure deployment services. Essentially, MIT completes the circle of an organization’s IT needs.

How Does Managed IT Differ from Your In-House IT?

Managed IT services is not a replacement for your in-house IT team.

On the contrary, Managed IT services works side-by-side with your IT team to ensure they’re receiving the support and expertise they need without stepping on any toes. With 24/7 support from a team of professionals who monitors your network, your IT team gains additional time to focus on other needs in your organization.

With Managed IT services, the additional support proactively prevents outages and downtime, so business as whole benefits gains productivity and experiences less costly system failures and recovery time. As IT budgets rise, Managed IT services can also help to ensure those budgets go more toward technology and network updates and less toward traditional overhead.

Does My Business Need Managed IT Services? 

To determine whether your in-house IT team need the support of an expert IT partner to lighten the load, ask yourself and your team the following questions:

  1. Does your in-house IT team handle technology issues promptly?

  2. Do you save and store your data using a cloud or an on-premise solution? 

  3. Are there any compliance impacts with your data (HIPAA, Mass Data Privacy, etc.)?

  4. What, if any, security processes are integrated with your current business processes?

  5. What are your major security risks?

  6. Have you identified how unauthorized disclosure of your data may occur?

  7. What measures, if any, have you implemented to mitigate data disclosure risks?

  8. Do you store and work with customer PII (Private Identifiable Information)?

  9. Are you aware of who may be interested in your data?

  10. Are you equipped to handle cyberthreats and attacks on your own?


(Thank you to our friends at Connectwise for putting this list together.)

ImageNet’s Managed IT Services


IT is changing. So is the way we work. It's time to create an adaptable strategy for both. 

We know business technology. We know security and data protection strategies. We also partner with the best vendors in the business so we can keep you several steps ahead of the coming trends and needs in IT and data security. 


Take charge of your data security and give your IT team a boost with Managed IT services. Learn how we can partner with your in-house IT today!

Written by Juan Fernandez - VP of Managed IT Services

Juan Fernandez’s 26-year career in the IT industry is a testament to his investment in improving business outcomes with technology and developing the IT industry. His entire career is dedicated to improving service delivery by embracing effective and efficient use of technology through a vision of technology, security, and compliance for small business, government, education, healthcare, and financial industries. Mr. Fernandez has created effective business models for delivering IT-based services such as DaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, HaaS, XaaS, and promoting online development opportunities to increase individual self-service capabilities and leading strategic initiatives to effectively transform technology to be simple, flexible, adaptable, and responsive to the customer needs. He has focused his career on educating customers and companies on his Making “IT” Simple approach. Mr. Fernandez was recognized at HP’s Global Partner Event in 2019 as HP DaaS Innovator of the Year, alongside ImageNet’s HP Partner of the Year award for 2019. Juan and the ImageNet team won Continuum’s 2019 “Growth Partner of the Year” and “Hyper Growth Partner” for 201% growth in 12 months. Mr. Fernandez is part of the select group who writes the CompTIA A+, Network +, Security + Tests, and sits on the CompTIA Subject Matter Expert Technical Advisory board and the CompTIA Channel Advisor board. He was elected Vice-Chair in 2020. He was the winner of the 2018 Continuum MSP Shark Tank for best security and services presentation, which set the stage for an all-inclusive Security and Device-as-a-Service model, establishing the framework for channel and MSP models. Juan sits on the Forbes Magazine Technology Council, Konica Minolta Global IT Services Council, Unitrends Partner Advisory board, HP DaaS Advisory Committee for Device-as-a-Service, WatchGuard Advisory Board, serves as a Channel Futures MSP Mentor and works with many other channel companies to develop the future of technology and XaaS models.

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