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Your Number One Supply Chain Initiative, Delivered

July 16, 2019 at 9:44 AM / by Kerwin Everson, VP Visual Productivity Solutions

What was your number one supply chain initiative for 2019? Have you accomplished it already this year? Do you now have a narrow time frame with insufficient budget dollars set aside to make it happen in 2019? Or, are you already thinking about what you must budget for to make sure you can pull it off for 2020? According to many of today’s supply chain executives, that must-have is visibility.

Today, supply chain visibility is best described as fragmented and siloed. The trend has shifted from planning to execution, and if you have a “lean supply chain”, there’s pressure to switch to an “agile supply chain” instead.

Real-Time Data & Your Supply Chain Goals

All of this requires real-time visibility – a view into what’s happening right now and what’s required in the next few hours to make supply chain goals a reality. Consider manufacturing plant & distribution centers target goals in production, inventory, OTD (on-time deliveries), and customer satisfaction. Visibility, or the new “agile supply chain,” allows both management and plant floor employees to react instantly to the inevitable disruptions that will occur and remain on track to meet those goals. Your employees can be made aware and execute on exceptions that occur, and as a result, take appropriate corrective actions.

Information Breakdown

With all the modern tools available to track metrics and KPIs, why does this desired information visibility not exist today? Often the breakdown in supply chain visibility occurs in the information sharing between systems, locations or business units. This visibility also seems elusive because it requires what many refer to as a “single source of truth.” Real-time visibility cannot occur only at company headquarters, or in the “corner office” or reside only with the plant manager and their management/supervisory staff. Rather, true, whole chain visibility should be available to everyone – everywhere – all the time. This is where visual productivity solutions can have an impact.

Achieve True Information Visibility with Visual Productivity Solutions

ImageNet Consulting can help companies interested in real-time, agile, supply chain visibility. ImageNet offers supply chain solutions that include real-time data feeds, from Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Labor Management Software (LMS), Transportation Management Software (TMS), Warehouse Control Software (WCS), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and more! We’ll help you create dynamic, engaging, real-time scoreboards for your supply chain environment.

With ImageNet’s Visual Productivity Solutions, you can put the data where the real-time decisions are made - at the “execution” level. With these visibility solutions, you’ll have real-time data to keep employees informed up-to-the-minute on your current supply chain status and reach your initiatives with ease.

Contact ImageNet Consulting today to get a custom demonstration of our Visual Productivity Solutions and watch your supply chain information transform into powerful opportunities to better meet your goals.

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Written by Kerwin Everson, VP Visual Productivity Solutions

Kerwin Everson is the Vice President of Visual Productivity Solutions for ImageNet. He is new to ImageNet but has been in the digital signage industry for many years, and was with RMG Networks for 16 years. Kerwin began his career with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, and has held various positions in Product Management, Product Marketing, and Sales with large corporations, such as BellSouth Telecommunications, which is now AT&T. In his current role, he primarily assists ImageNet clients and Client Account Teams with solutions to help customers solve problems and improve supply chain productivity. He works to provide Visual Productivity Solutions that assist the customer in managing their day-to-day business in a more productive and customer-friendly way. The result is real-time visibility provided on large LCD or LED scoreboards. He enjoys discussing how he has helped large clients like Eastman Chemical, GE Aviation, Carrier Corporation, Coca Cola, Lowes, GAP, Inc. and so many more.

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