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5 Things to Look for in a Managed Print Service Company

April 16, 2019 at 9:15 AM / by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Service (MPS) providers are business partners. Choosing a business partner of any kind is a critical decision that has long-term impacts for a company – and managed print service companies are no different.

Partnering with an MPS company can save businesses both money and energy by outsourcing expertise and cutting inefficiencies. Organizations can get the most out of this partnership by identifying companies with the following qualities:

1. The MPS Service Offers Appropriate Billing Models

Predictability and visibility are two of the most important benefits of managed print services. This predictability should follow-through to a provider’s billing and invoicing. A company should never be surprised by what they find on their regular statements, regardless of the provider’s billing model. Some of the more common models include:

  • Fixed, seat-based: In this model, businesses are charged a flat, monthly fee for services.
  • Cost-per-click: Businesses pay for services per-page (including maintenance and support).
  • Transactional: In a more “a la carte” model, the MPS provider charges per service.

Payment plans and leasing options for hardware also fit into these various billing models, and similarly, should not cause any unpleasant surprises on statements.

Aside from an appropriate billing model, MPS companies should also provide their clients with insights and materials that show current savings and progress about their print environment. In the end, the MPS company’s goals should be the same as its client, and companies can know that their MPS services are worth the price with current, accurate metrics. An MPS provider should be able to report on ongoing print cost savings to demonstrate the value of the service.

2. Document Management Solutions Meet Your Needs

Document management is a key component of managed print services and can minimize the amount of unnecessary printing as well as improve document accessibility. However, documents should be as secure as they are easy for businesses to use.

Any business should be able to rely on MPS companies to have leading security methods to manage and protect business’ documents. Aside from secure cloud-based storage of business documents, an MPS provider should also implement a system that improves document flow and access, including remote personnel.

3. Full-Service Security that Protects a Print Fleet and Cloud-Based Documents

Part of document management is adequate security, but that’s not all an MPS business partner should be responsible for when it comes to protecting sensitive information. Hackers are increasingly targeting printers, which calls for a higher level of security for multi-functional printers with a broad range of connectivity features. MPS providers should increase print security by empowering businesses with remote control of their print fleet (for access and functionality), maintaining up-to-date drivers and printing software, and incorporating print security risk assessments and incident planning into IT policies.

4. Flexibility that Supports Long-Term Contracts

As businesses grow, their print management needs will change. More users, new locations, and new printing technologies over time demand that an MPS provider can change and adapt to the needs of a growing business. This provider should be able to accommodate business growth by:

  • Accommodating the need for a growing print fleet through hardware sales and leasing.
  • Supporting IT department growth to new locations and responsibilities.
  • Meeting evolving security needs through additional confidential print services.
  • Adjusting to the needs of a changing print network, including changing IP addresses.
  • Working to reduce overall energy consumption for businesses.
  • Providing additional training and implementation when needed.

An MPS partnership is a long-term relationship, so it’s essential that businesses choose a partner who can grow with them.

5. Services that Extend Beyond MPS Solutions

If a managed print service company can meet all the needs above, they have a good ability to understand the unique needs of businesses and their goals. Partnering with a company that also offers other print services can save organizations money in the long run by centralizing outsourced services. Other print services that an MPS provider should be able to provide include:

  • Hardware leasing and sales
  • Commercial printing services
  • Digital content management
  • Cloud-based personnel and IT management services

Alongside these and all standard MPS services, a provider should be able to offer convenient support to clients through accessible helpdesks, customer service, and consulting.

Is your business ready to partner with a managed print service company that understands your needs? With ImageNet’s focus on improving business outcomes, our Managed Print Solutions provides software to automate your device deployment, driver installation, & driver management, while optimizing your workflow, securing your printers, and controlling costs.

For over 60 years, ImageNet has provided print services to business to help them break out of inefficient print cycles and unlock their full potential. To learn more about our MPS solutions and dozens of supporting print services, contact us today!

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Written by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Matt is responsible for ImageNet’s Managed Print Services strategy, strategic sales support, and hardware and software partner relationships. He is a technology and business visionary with a reputation for developing and implementing corporate-wide technology and rightsizing strategies while controlling costs and minimizing risk. Matt supports ImageNet’s strategy and pre-sales technical support relating to Managed Print Solutions, which is designed to improve ImageNet clients’ productivity, manageability, workflow, and security all while reducing costs and mitigating risk. He currently recruits, develops, motivates and retains a team of IT system engineers, project managers, enterprise sales individuals and business process analysts at ImageNet. Matt is originally from Fort Worth, TX and currently lives in Fairview, TX with his wife and two daughters. Matt’s family lives an active and adventure-filled life, with frequent mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and ice hockey excursions. Prior to joining ImageNet in 2009, Matt spent more than nine years working in HP’s printing business.

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