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How Much are Unmanaged Printers Costing Your Business?

March 3, 2020 at 9:15 AM / by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Despite the rush to go digital, printing and paper documents remain foundational in an office. Companies invest in a print fleet consisting of modern, advanced machines designed to support all the paper processes within a business.

However, printers are not a “set it and forget it” machine. They need maintenance, supplies, and security. Like other office assets, they need to be managed.

Few businesses let their computers go unmanaged – to do so opens the doors to numerous security threats. Yet, a printer fleet represents one of the most extensive unmanaged set of assets a company owns.

In 2020, that’s a problem. Read on to discover how costly it can be to let a print fleet remain unmanaged, and just how valuable managed print services really are.

More Than Just Paper: The Costs of a Printing Environment

A famous white paper by Gartner and the IDC revealed that the average cost of a print environment ranges between one to three percent of an organization’s annual gross revenue. That makes printing a significant expense for most companies – and much of it is bloat.

Unlike other business processes, printing is so ubiquitous it’s often overlooked. That makes it a ripe landscape for hidden costs that drive up an office’s operating expenses.

Many companies don’t realize that a print environment involves many more costs than just picking out a multi-function printer, then buying the paper and toner cartridges to go with it. While paper and toner certainly comprise the bulk of it, costs add up in other ways:

● Excessive printing or employees printing off personal documents

● Weak setting configurations leading to an overuse of ink or paper

● Wrong supplies purchased or supplies that mysteriously disappear

● Energy inefficient devices that drive up utility bills

● Constant downtime from overworked or worn-out devices

● Hamstrung IT staff who have to let other problems go unfixed to deal with the printers

● Outsourced print jobs from frustrated employees running to Kinko’s

● Unsecure devices that lead to data breaches and stolen information by hackers

What Managed Print Services Does for a Print Fleet

A managed print service provider specializes in streamlining an office’s print fleet. They help companies identify inefficiencies in a print environment and are invaluable when it comes to reducing operating expenses internally. With a managed print service, a business saves money through:

Expert guidance on device selection: Having the wrong printer in the office is just as costly as having a printer that is constantly broken. Managed Print Services (MPS) ensures the office gets exactly the printing power they need – no less and no more.

Inventory management: Printing supplies take up space, aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and are prone to growing legs and walking off. Additionally, the difference between two toner models may sometimes come down to a single number, making it easy to purchase the wrong item accidentally. MPS makes sure neither happens by managing supply inventory so the printers always have what they need.

Access control and print reduction: Printing less is one of the easiest ways to reduce a company’s operating expenses. MPS makes sure employees print efficiently – and only when they need to.

Improved security: Printers often represent the soft underbelly of an organization’s security strategy, offering easy access to networks and computers. MPS closes this blind spot to keep data safe.

What Makes ImageNet’s Managed Print Services Unique

There are many managed services available, but they’re not all equal. ImageNet helps companies manage their print fleet through a combination of modern technological solutions and expert service technicians who are always available to provide support. Businesses enjoy:

Mobile printing solutions: Help employees stay productive, whether they’re at their desks, at home, or on the go.

Device security: As experts in cybersecurity, ImageNet’s specialists know how to secure devices while making them accessible to the professionals who need them.

Managed maintenance: Nearly a quarter of all in-house helpdesk calls involve printers. ImageNet’s MPS eliminates this burden so internal IT can focus on higher-value initiatives.

Simplified printing: Whether deploying automation or software integration or reviving and reducing a printer fleet, ImageNet helps companies improve and simplify the printing experience to create a more productive workplace.

ImageNet Helps Companies Control Print Costs

A productive print fleet is an asset to any company, and it forms the backbone of many critical business processes. With so much resting on an organization’s ability to make rapid, effective decisions, keeping the printing ecosystem optimized is vital. ImageNet’s MPS helps companies refine their print environment to attain operational efficiency and reduce operating expenses across the board – two things that make a company competitive.

Don’t let your print fleet go unmanaged. Contact ImageNet Consulting today to discuss how managed print services can help your business thrive.

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Written by Matthew Schotten - VP of Managed Print Services

Matt is responsible for ImageNet’s Managed Print Services strategy, strategic sales support, and hardware and software partner relationships. He is a technology and business visionary with a reputation for developing and implementing corporate-wide technology and rightsizing strategies while controlling costs and minimizing risk. Matt supports ImageNet’s strategy and pre-sales technical support relating to Managed Print Solutions, which is designed to improve ImageNet clients’ productivity, manageability, workflow, and security all while reducing costs and mitigating risk. He currently recruits, develops, motivates and retains a team of IT system engineers, project managers, enterprise sales individuals and business process analysts at ImageNet. Matt is originally from Fort Worth, TX and currently lives in Fairview, TX with his wife and two daughters. Matt’s family lives an active and adventure-filled life, with frequent mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and ice hockey excursions. Prior to joining ImageNet in 2009, Matt spent more than nine years working in HP’s printing business.

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