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Managed IT Services vs In-House Technicians – Which Works for My Growing Organization?

December 11, 2018 at 9:20 AM / by Juan Fernandez - VP of Managed IT Services

When planning for IT services there is one question that must be answered by every business: how do you choose between managed IT services vs in-house IT services? The answer to that question is not always immediately clear. Some businesses may opt for in-house IT services because of the perceived benefit of having someone on staff dedicated to the operation.

Other business owners simply do not know the pros and cons of IT outsource vs IT insource. With that said, there is one key aspect that all business owners are looking for no matter which option they choose; they want the best quality service and support for their staff.

With ransomware, viruses, new connected devices, ever changing software and technology needs, choosing the right IT team for your business is an important decision that can have an effect on your business long after the decision has been made. So, what factors should you consider when making this big decision?

Cost Comparisons Between the Two Options

One of the starkest comparisons when looking at managed IT services vs in-house technicians is the cost of the two options. At first glance, it may seem like managed IT services would cost more. After all, businesses get support around the clock with a dedicated helpdesk to walk users through any issues that may arise. That kind of support must come at a price, right?

The truth is that a full-time, in-house IT technician is more of an expense for a business than managed IT services. A qualified IT manager can earn upwards of $100,000 per year plus benefits including health insurance and vacation time. Of course, you can find technicians who earn less than six figures but, without hiring someone inexperienced and unqualified, you are still looking at a substantial salary.

For the cost of one in-house IT professional, a business could secure several years of managed IT services through outsourcing. This massive reduction in cost is especially important for growing businesses that need cash flow to invest in their own operation and growth.

Responsiveness from Managed IT Services

Another very big difference between managed IT services and in-house IT technicians is the responsiveness of the two options. Many people assume that an in-house IT professional will be more responsive because they are, well, in-house. However, people often seem to forget that an in-house employee is only one person.

While your in-house technician is working with one user or device, they are unable to work on anything else. This greatly limits the effectiveness of in-house staff. In addition, in-house technicians still have to take time away from work to be with their families, go on vacation, and participate in their hobbies. During these times, IT staff may be unavailable to manage a problem that arises.

Managed IT services, on the other hand, are made up of several expert professionals that work together to ensure your needs are met at all hours of the day. Instead of having one person working on every task that your business needs taken care of, managed IT services have a number of employees that are always waiting to jump into action.

Education and Development for IT Professionals

If there is one field in business that is changing more rapidly than anything else, it is IT services. The new devices entering the market combined with the new threats from hackers around the world means that IT professionals have to constantly be at the top of their game and improving their knowledge. 

In-house IT services simply cannot keep up with the flexibility of managed IT services when it comes to learning and development. With more than 1 million new malware threats discovered every day, the importance of this learning cannot be understated.

An in-house IT technician is often busy from the beginning of the day to the end managing all of the issues within your company. This leaves little time to learn more about the latest threats facing the network and devices that they are responsible for. Managed IT services, however, have a number of IT professionals on staff that all bring unique strengths and areas of focus to the table.

No one can be expected to know everything and be good at everything. Instead, having an entire team at your disposal is getting the best parts of a number of people rather than relying on one person to be perfect.

See the Difference for Yourself

Still wondering how managed IT services compare with in-house IT services? At ImageNet we are proud to offer managed IT services that will meet and exceed your expectations! Contact us today for more information about our complete service offering and how managed IT services can help your business grow quickly without sacrificing security.

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Written by Juan Fernandez - VP of Managed IT Services

Juan Fernandez is the VP of Managed IT Services for Imagenet Consulting. He has been in the IT industry for over 22 years. Over the last 22+ years, he has worked for several companies, such as San Juan College, Honeywell International, and Sandia Labs. With proficiencies on HIPPA and PCI, compliance he has focused on small business, government, education, healthcare, and financial industries. Juan believes in best of breed technologies education and certifications and was recently selected to assist in writing the CompTIA A+ and Security + tests and was also invited to participate in validating the CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner). Juan was also selected to join the CompTIA Subject Matter Expert Technical Advisory board. He is dedicated to improving service delivery through embracing effective and efficient use of technology, creating effective business models for delivering new IT-based services such as SaaS, DRaaS, and HaaS. Juan is active in technology collaborations related to strategy, computer infrastructure, and cybersecurity. He has served as a leader to many organizations and is an experienced presenter at technology seminars and conferences. Juan holds a BS degree in computer science from Western Governors University, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Administrator and Network +, Security +, A+ Certified, Certified Internet web professional.

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